Get started with your 5 day challenge!

Now it's time to get started with your horse. It's not always that easy and sometimes you find excuses not to do it and regret it afterwards. Now you have the chance to do this together with a lot of others who also want support and advice before getting started. We make it fun and easy, so stay tuned! Great prices and benefits!

The challenge is COMPLETELY free!

Anne Axell

CEO of Horse and Health.

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With this free start you will experience….

Benefit #1

You get a date to start, complete a registration, so it encourages you to get started!

Benefit #2

You get tips and advice to get started the right way, a lot of tools so it feels fun and inspiring to get started!

Benefit #3

You do it together with like-minded people who can encourage and cheer you on when it feels heavy!

Hi! My name is Anne!

"My passion lies in assisting individuals who struggle with a fear of riding or encounter difficulties with their horses, enabling them to regain their confidence and embrace the joy of horse riding once again.

Throughout my journey, I have successfully guided numerous riders in transforming their mindset and fostering a harmonious relationship with their horses. As a result, they have overcome their fears and established a significantly improved level of cooperation with their equine companions.

Drawing from my extensive and profound experience with horses, I am well-equipped to support and guide you on your path to success in horse riding. Having encountered various equine personalities and behaviors over the years, I possess the expertise to address your unique and specific situation effectively."

You are just one step away from getting started with your horse!

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